What are the types of technologies related to gun safety?

Since, crimes have come up in the count of a few massive years, the causes against gun safety have increased. People are keen to embrace new technology, in the form of gun safety, variants of modelled guns as well as general attributes of wanting to keep firearms safe and embracing the safety gun attitude.

More and more people are opting to keep safety guns around, as neighbourhood crime is on the rise and security must never be compromised. Even issues like house theft, and corporate crime has increased; further, spelling trouble and accessing needs of comfort and security for families, single individuals and the elderly.

Gun security is often associated with smart guns. Long guns and safety guns can also be conveniently stored, though traditional combinational lockers are practically out. Heavier fingerprint scanning lockers have been developed to battle against the emerging forces of unauthorized access and other crime related thefts. This blog writes about guns and safety which is popular.

These biometric scanners are one of the perfect ways of storing guns. Though there are multiple types of technologies which are also used to relate to the issue of gun safety.

Some of the new options of gun safety techniques are as follows:

  • Armatix Smart Guns: Smart guns are a new type of technology which didn’t exist until 2002. Since then, there have been newer models which work to be the future of the fire safety protocol. These smart guns can only be activated when a wristwatch is worn by the owner. He/she then needs to put in a PIN to enable the weapon. This features a time controlled deactivation of the weapon. Armatix also makes locks which can be inserted into the locks of guns, thus rendering them useless if stolen. Even these can only be activated once you use a PIN.
  • Traditional Winchester: Winchester is a brand which has decided to defy the modern shenanigans and fight for themselves in a task which involves reverting to an old medium of bringing in combinational premier safety locks again. They are opened and closed with a hand crank and then locked with a push button code. Some models even come up to the heights of 6 feet and more.
  • GunVault: GunVault is a company in Las Vegas, which makes products that are smaller than the man-sized safes which are produced by Winchester. Then again, no two companies are the same and GunVault has its own functionality which works on the principle of designing strong boxes which are specifically made for single handguns. The significant difference here is the locking mechanism in itself. The owner unlocks the gun by placing his/her hand on the vault. It uses a biometric finger scanning lock is activated If You put fingertips on the vault.
  • Identilock: It is a newly launched gun security device which also uses biometrics. Rather than a lock system, the security functions in a different way. The palm sized device is locked over the trigger and the trigger guard, leaving the rest of the gun free but inert. The owner releases the lock by placing his or her finger tip over a senor right above the trigger. The owner of Identilock also mentioned that the profile can add family members to the profile, and it can be accessed by them as well. But as soon as, a teenager or somebody else exhibits suicidal behaviour, the owner can surreptitiously remove the family member, thus rendering him/her unable to use or even access the weapon.


Consider the above options thoroughly and find your best way of protecting and ensuring that your safety gun is in the best hands!…

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