About Us

Company Personality Matching, Job Seeker Profiles, Company Profiles, and a World Class Network of Affiliates – That’s what we’re about.

What We Solve

“Over the past five years sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, and Yahoo! HotJobs have facilitated a flood of new job postings and resumes on the web. Yet, the way employers and recruiters find qualified candidates have remained virtually unchanged – employers post job openings and receive an onslaught of unqualified resumes praying that they find a needle in a haystack. The online job classifieds market is highly saturated and highly fragmented. JobBurner.com takes a fresh new approach to this problem.”, Shane Henderson, CEO JobBurner.com

Our Vision

Our vision for JobBurner.com was to apply concepts not currently present in the existing job-seeker market. Prior to starting JobBurner.com Shane was Director of Development at Match.com and is an expert at applying software algorithms to match people. Shane brings this same experience to bear on JobBurner.com

“Job boards are a virtual posting ground for garbage job descriptions and mediocre resumes. My biggest complaint about current job boards is that they have little to offer to either job seeker or employers. These tools fail to capitalize in four key areas: 1) There is no quality control for job postings, allowing bogus opportunities to appear on the site, 2) other than email exchange they lack interaction points between job seekers and employers, 3) they fail to use technologies to help job seekers with their search such as researching companies, compiling information or posting more then just a one dimensional resume and 4) while matching technologies exist, no current tool uses these algorithms to help job seekers self select into great opportunities or push hot candidates to employers.”, said Zoë Goldring CEO of JobSyntax, Inc

Strong Affiliate Network

In addition to applying personality matching concepts to the job-seeker market, another goal of JobBurner.com is to build a strong affiliate network of highly targeted web properties that will serve ads for jobs, enabling permission based marketing and allowing employers to talk to candidates that may currently not be looking for jobs. Initially, JobBurner.com has secured advertising space with the www.asp.net and www.iis.net Microsoft web communities. Both of which are premier developer communities for Microsoft software developers.

Great Partners

We are also pleased to have Gretchen Ledgard, VP of Product Marketing, and Zoë Goldring, Business and Marketing Advisor, join JobBurner.com. Gretchen and Zoë are experts in the employer and job-seeker market both of whom founded the popular community JobSyntax.com.

The Plan

Job postings on JobBurner.com, which are also posted on its affiliate sites, are free until February 28th (trial period). On March 1st listings on JobBurner.com will be $200 per-posting.

Getting ready for the Revolution

The job-seeker and employer personality matching will evolve during the trial period as employer job postings are examined. Early-march JobBurner.com full employer/job-seeker personality matching will be fully implemented.